What is the R-Series

An existing OKA completely dismantled then remanufactured to a higher minimum standard, more power, better suspension, new bodywork and finishes. Basically a new truck.

There are at least 350 OKAs still in existence in Australia with many of those still operational, after up to 23 years, allowing the opportunity to have them remanufactured to achieve R-Series Standard.

Since 2012 OPA and Now OKA All Terrain Vehicles established a base spec for the R-series. The logic was based around the fact that there where many efficiencies with a complete rebuild.

Some potential clients believe that doing a cosmetic upgrades such as removing small patches of rust then paint and perhaps and oil change will like a car enhance the value and improve reliability.

Unfortunately with our extensive experience it is rare after these many years that reliability and value would be enhanced by these often short term approaches.

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How do I get an R Series?

  • If you currently own an OKA It can be surrendered for remanufacture to R-Series
  • If you don’t own one we can provide one or source one dependant on availability at that time.

How Do I know what I need?

  • At the outset we would need to know what the use of the vehicle will be.
  • We would then guide you as to the spec you might need as a minimum, and offer additional options.

How much would it cost

From $88,000 Cab Chassis not including Donner vehicle

How long would it take?

Dependant on the build but between 3 months and 12 months, given supply of components

Can I change the vehicle configuration?

Yes. Alterations and additions to customise your truck can be priced to your specific needs, within our engineering parameters

How much more power can I have?

From 170 HP to 350HP. With any engine option however our Cummins options are more cost effective,
You can source the engine new/second-hand/rebuilt or we can using our supply chain.

What about the transmission?

Auto or Manual new second hand

Choice of Transfer cases, Married /Divorced

Choice of the original Dana 60 and 70 through to Dana 80 or BAE re-engineered beam axles with CTIS Option available

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