New RT Model

 Existing Model

The RT Series

Currently the RT Series OKA is being quantifyed.

What will change or rather what wont we change!

The RT will take all of the best atributes from the NT Series.

  • The width will not change.
  • The height will not change.
  • The length may vary in the wheel base however this would be minimal
  • The asthetics on the front will change
  • Options of a 4 or 6 Cylinder Engine
  • Options on 4 or 6 wd
  • GVM of up to 8 Tonne

At this time your interest can be lodged. click here to register your interest

Variants available – NT model Depicted

Cab Chasis

Cab Chasis

Single Cab Pick-up

Single Cab Pick-Up

Dual Cab


Full Spec Tour Bus

Full Spec Tour Bus

Multi Cab


Multi Van



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