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This site dedicated to the enduring legacy and the continuance of the OKA brand.

OKA All Terrain Vehicles (OKA ATV) is a new private company established in March 2017 that is 100% Australian owned and based in O’Connor, Perth Western Australia.

After successful negotiations. OKA ATV has purchased outright the OKA brand, copyright and intellectual property (IP) as well as all of the historical documentation from Reymer Pty Ltd.

Our commitment is to continue and enhance the substantial legacy that OKA has forged since 1986 as an unrivalled all terrain- 2-3 tonne capable vehicle that is adaptable for many applications, not readily exploited by other vehicle manufacturers.

Our challenge is to build on the brand and to enhance the considerable strengths in the existing design.

We will produce, prove and offer a new rugged product that will deliver sufficient power and torque, ease of operation and most of all reliability.

Our focus will be reliability, quality and service in a market niche. This approach is underpinned by the dedication to continuous improvement.


Deliver an enhanced OKA design to the market that exceeds any past capability, reliability, quality and customer service that makes OKA the best in its class surpassing its historic legendary status.


  • To review the current design, enhance it, and construct a new model OKA Prototype, then using international standards, rigorously test, and validate then document what will represent the OKA R/T Series.
  • Enhance IP and documentation to the highest quality, engineering, and compliant standards encompassing a low volume manufacture process, resulting in a production model for the new R/T series OKA.
  • To offer clients a custom remanufacture option on existing vehicles to R-Series specification.
  • To provide a comprehensive OKA servicing, inspection, modifications and maintenance capacity to owners.
  • To provide owners access to all associated parts and engineered components.
  • To provide solid confidence in the brand with new and existing customers that is measured in resale value, and positive customer feedback

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    We have parts for all OKA series and models

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    OKA ATV is certified to carry out service, repair and modification work with the Department of Commerce:

  • OKA Legacy

    See all the OKA legacy and historical progression here.